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PSYCHOLOGY: To begin with, one of the most basic things that a trader is in need of in order to reach success is the branch known as psychology. As known

What About Messy Pairs?

Now, as much as placing SR areas is easy there are times where price can get pretty messy. This is where most traders start to struggle when it comes to

3 Simple Steps to Place Support & Resistance

Placing SR should be a simple process that takes up only a little of your time. Agonising over the placement of SR can be a time sink and often leads

How to find useful and powerful S&R

Support and resistance (SR) areas are a core part of many price action trading strategies. Many use SR on a daily basis to find powerful setups and to prevent from

Candlesticks? What is that?

Candlesticks are what currency traders look at to give them information about the session they are currently viewing. A candlestick has 4 man components: 1# Open 2# Close 3# High