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Trading: An Expert Advisor (EA) is a piece of software designed to automatically execute trades.

Signals: A trading signal is a recommendation made by a trader, often in the form of market set-ups or chart recommendations.

Difference between automated trading and Signals:

Various platforms report that 70% to 80% of Forex transactions come from automatic trading systems. In automated trading, a trader can set rules and strategies according to which trades will be executed and can exit and enter trades without losing any time or pips. If you are taking signals you can lose pips in the time you are making a decision on whether to take the signals or not. You are also relying on all your instructions coming from a human, and this opens you up to indecision and limited reliability.  Trading with an Automated trading system, precise money management rules, trading actions and risk management are pre-programmed and embedded into the EA, while trading through signals you may lose money out of hurry, uncertainty or confusion.

Emotional Stability: Automated trades are being executed by the robot and emotions are totally minimized so that trade can stick to the plan. Manual trading presents its own problems and human emotions can inhibit trading decisions or even cause extreme damage to their account, resulting in massive, unsustainable losses.

Technicality: When you are using EA/Automated trading system you don’t have to know and learn the ins and outs of trading while if you are going to choose signal trading you have to properly study the process about how the trading systems work.

Time Efficiency: Automated trading doesn’t require you to be in front of the screen constantly.  You can continue with your daily routine safe with the knowledge in knowing your account is monitored and looked after for you.  Following signals require you to have direct access to your phone or laptop to execute, amend or exit trades.  If you miss an instruction, it could result in extreme losses.

Ease of copy trading: EA allows you to copy the successful trades while copying signals can be dangerous because you can’t apply the same rules and you may end up losing lots of pips.

Be Aware: Unfortunately, there are a lot of untrustworthy signal providers who manipulate their results. Here at CTT we believe in honesty and transparency, which is why all of our resulst are publicly available for you to view on Myfxbook. This provides you with a true representation of our service and you know exactly what to expect, from day 1.

CTT EA Systems: CTT EA systems offer market-leading expert advisors, providing incredible, reliable results on your investments.

Dynamic: We’re very proud of what it has achieved so far, demonstrating its reliability and consistency and providing returns of over +37.53% ROI since August 25th 2020.

Sirius: Sirius has also achieved the incredible ROI of +42% since August 6th 2020.

Authentication: All the results of Celestial trading tools are verified by the third-party auditor MyFxBook.  Below are the links where you can check the results of both systems for yourself:

Sirius – https://bit.ly/34BUxrd

Dynamic -http://bit.ly/3cEUSyg

Get started here: https://www.celestialtt.com/register/


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