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As Warren Buffett once said…
‘If you don’t find a way to make money whilst you sleep you will work until you die’.

At CTT we provide everyone with the opportunity to make money whilst you are asleep.

As we are sure you are all aware the majority of trades taken are taken and closed during the hours of which we are all awake and able to see. However a good number of trades actually open and close overnight. This is one of the beauty’s of an EA, we do not need to be awake scanning charts for it to trade. It will trade when a specific criteria is met within the markets whether that is at 3pm or 3am.

Recently we have seen some very profitable trades open or close at hours where we have been asleep.

GBPUSD recently opened at 01:20 and closed at 01:30 banking us a 0.38% gain in one trade!

Alongside this NZDUSD also opened at around 1am, closing out around 2:30am banking us just under 0.1% on accounts.

We had 2 more NZDUSD positions open around 4:30 and 5am then closing just after 5am which banked us a combined 0.16% on accounts.

As you can all see these trades that we have taken overnight have been very successful in making us all some extra money and percentage gains on our accounts. Being able to make money whilst you sleep with this EA is a fantastic opportunity as we are really making the most of the forex market being open 24 hours a day!

As always we hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate the service and are all staying safe during these uncertain times we currently find ourselves in.

Long may the profits continue.


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