This is a question that has been asked often from our clients so we wanted to put together a blue-print for you to follow.

Each strategy has its own way but here is an easy-to-follow process to get you started.

We start by backtesting our strategy on a platform called “TradingView” by using the “Reply” feature.

Step 1: Firstly, we start the backtesting with the Weekly chart and we go back for about 2-4 years and we move candle by candle and we make the analysis as it’s a live chart, “We draw support/resistance levels as well as trend lines only”.

Step 2: Once we are done from the weekly chart, we move down to the daily chart and reply the charts 2-4 years back again, so we make daily analysis as well on top of the weekly ones.

Step 3: We use the 1hour chart to look for opportunities, so we go back in time again and we move candle by candle and stop once an interesting setup appears. We make a decision as it’s live trading and we add our stop loss/targets and we keep on moving.

Step 4: We check our results and we try to modify some rules add/remove a strategy to make sure the final strategy is profitable before we use it.

Keep in mind that you need to develop the below strategies to make sure that your trading plan and risk management plan is completed before trading live:

1- Set of rules to follow in order to look for confirmation/setups.
2- Rules for your entry/Stops.
3- Preferred risk per trade.
4- Preferred risk to reward ratio.
5- Maximum drawdown.
6- The tested strategy.

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