Celestial Product

Our ability to deliver consistent results is what sets us apart from other trading solutions on the market.

Results Verified by MyFXBook

MyFXBook is a unique platform that is an online, professional community for traders, with helpful, automated tools for trading analysis. Traders can connect their trading accounts on MyFXBook and use their analytical tools to understand their trading patterns and behavior. All trades can be publicly tracked, viewed, audited and analyzed – this transparency makes it easy for both the novice and the seasoned traders to understand, implement and review new trading practices as well as course-correct their trading behavior.

MyFXBook providers are audited and verified to predefined trading and risk standards. This ensures that what you see is what you get. MyFXBook provides a trustworthy and reliable environment that provides:


Real time performance data.


Vetting and Authenticity of providers.


Provide statistical analysis on ROI % and Risk.


Full trade history available at your finger tips