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Risk/reward ratio means how much an investor can earn from the risk of every dollar as investment. Most of the investors do the comparison of expected returns with investment they are going to risk.
This ratio helps an investor to manage the risk on every given trade as it helps to foresee the return on investment of each dollar.
For example: a ratio of 1:5 suggests that an investor will be able to earn 5$ on the risk of investment of 1$.
Traders often use this approach to plan which trades to take, and the ratio is calculated by dividing the amount a trader stands to lose if the price of an asset moves in an unexpected direction (the risk) by the amount of profit the trader expects to earn when the position is closed (the reward).
A good ratio is anything greater than 1:3. Investors can easily manage risk through the use of stop-loss order and derivatives. Risk/reward ratio is mostly used as a measure while trading individually. It varies widely among different trading strategies. Some defined methods are required to determine that which ratio will be most suitable for given trading strategy.
The risk/reward ratio tells you the difference between entry points to stop-loss and buy or sell-profit order.
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