Celestial treat our money like their own. They don’t trade on high risk days and are quite happy to turn off the EA for weeks at a time if they feel the need to do so.
My sole piece of advice to anyone considering trading is to put in the minimum amount, leave it alone and watch for three or four weeks! It’s that simple.

Danny JohnsonJoined Sep 2018

What I love about Celestial is the transparency. We were able to jump on to zoom calls and speak directly to the people that run the company. These are not some corporate CEOs who only care about profits, but guys that genuinely want to help. It was so easy for me to bring more and more people into the Celestial family.

Zak KhanJoined Sep 2018

It seems like a long time ago I joined Celestial with approx. $600 (450 pounds). In 9 months, it has grown to 6000 pounds (yes, I added capital along the way but why wouldn't you when we smash the markets each and every day). The best decision I have ever made and customer service here is second to none.
Here at Celestial, you can create the life you deserve!

Lee HopkinsJoined Aug 2018

Celestial has provided me with a passive income that has consistently performed well given the market conditions. It requires no intervention from myself and is pushing close to 100% return on my initial investment which is quite frankly amazing. I genuinely feel excited to be part of Celestial and even more so as they build for the future.

Robbie TubmanJoined Oct 2018

I leave everything on their default settings as I am here for the long term and their method of working indicate they are too.

Mazher QaziJoined Oct 2018

At first I was a little skeptical as I know nothing about Forex Trading but I was promised this was ‘fully automated’ - these are some of the truest words every spoken. Since joining, my account has grown and I’m making passive income at its finest. Another thing I love is that I am in control of my money and can withdraw or deposit at my leisure. I would absolutely recommend Celestial to anyone who wants to see their capital grow and compound over the years to come.

Martin VarneyJoined Oct 2018

To date, even though we had the odd losing day, every month has yielded a profit so far. I am up by just over 58%. I’m very happy with the service and the people who run the company are very helpful. It’s been a very positive experience.

Keith EverettJoined Oct 2018